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Swagelok Allentown

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Custom Hose Fabrication

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Swagelok Allentown Custom Hose Fabrication

It's no wonder Swagelok Coreflex hoses are our most common request! Coreflex is an industry leader in custom hoses, delivering outstanding clean-ability, flexibility and reliability. Select Coreflex hoses have bonded layers, providing extra kink-resistance and maximum hoop strength, and all Coreflex hoses feature true nominal inner diameter (ID) for improved flow rates!  

To learn about more Swagelok hose products, contact your Account Manager. Call Swagelok Allentown at (610) 779-9001.

Interested in on-site hose advisory services?

One of our trained hose specialists will visually inspect the hose at your facility and help determine the best function and fit for your application. Swagelok Allentown Hose Advisory Services can assist in reducing costs and downtime. To schedule hose advisory services, contact us via e-mail or call 610-799-9001.