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Compressed Gas Leak Detection Services

Swagelok leak detection services

Minimize Revenue Loss and Maximize System Efficiency With Leak Detection Services

Fluid system leaks carry associated costs and can create safety risks. Improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce energy consumption and emissions in everyday plant operations by addressing and eliminating leaks throughout your facility when Swagelok experts provide compressed gas leak detection services.

We help you identify compressed gas leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address, based on safety, cost, and productivity. Every day that a leak goes unfixed, it’s hurting your organization’s bottom line. The sooner you make a concerted effort to address them, the better.

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Leak Detection


Leak detection case study

Case Study: Leak Detection Survey Leads to Significant Savings

When customers at a natural gas processing plant realized the volume of revenue they were losing due to compressed air leaks, they saw Swagelok fluid system advisory services as a means of creating a necessary change. Learn how a consultation and leak detection survey helped the customer better understand their options ahead of a decision on capital outlay to improve the condition of their utility air system.

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