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Swagelok Allentown

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To meet customer needs in the ever-evolving semiconductor manufacturing industry, Swagelok provides next-generation process-enabling solutions for FEOL and BEOL applications. These solutions utilize processes that support not only semiconductor chip manufacturing, but also development of flat panel displays, lithium ion batteries, LED and photovoltaic technologies.

Swagelok Allentown will help you meet your semiconductor manufacturing challenges, enhance safety and reliability, even reduce the total cost of ownership. Our staff can add value with help selecting the appropriate products for semiconductor manufacturing, detailed technical information, CAD models, welding assistance and engineering custom parts for new processes. For information on our products, please view our complete product catalog.

Featured Service:

SC-06 Cleaning Standard

The Swagelok SC-06 Cleaning Standard:

  • Documents specific guidelines used for producing stainless steel products for photovoltaic applications
  • Meets ASTM standards for design, materials, manufacturing and surface finishing (see our catalog for more detailed information)
  • Allows for identification and traceability of the product without opening the product package to reduce chances of contamination

For more information about this service, see our Photovoltaic Process Specification (SC-06) catalog. You can also view our complete product catalog.