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Swagelok Allentown

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Tube Fitting Installation and Bending Training

We're committed to providing our customers with exceptional training options that align with their specific needs

Education & Training

Creators Of Your Custom Solutions

Learn how we can design unique solutions to address your unique concerns

Swagelok Custom Solutions

Evaluation and Advisory Services

See how our evaluation and advisory services can help relieve your pressures.

Evaluation & Advisory Services

Swagelok Allentown Services

Custom Solutions

Design & Assembly Services

Design consultation and construction of high-quality standard and configurable fluid and sampling systems assemblies.

Seal Support Systems

Swagelok Seal Support Solutions

Designed to support a specific mechanical seal and set of process conditions.

Advisory Services

Education and Training

Swagelok trains your team to work safer and smarter, helping them with the latest fluid system technologies.

Advisory Services

Onsite Services

Trust the experts at Swagelok Allentown for advice on enhancements that will improve your operations.

Grab Sample Systems

Grab Sample Systems

Customizing Swagelok grab sample systems allows for safe, efficient sample capture.


Custom Hose Fabrication

See how the full line of hoses from Swagelok Company is bringing flexibility to fluid systems.

Tools and Equipment Rental

Tools and Equipment Rentals

Need a special tool or some expense equipment for an immediate job? Swagelok Allentown has the answer.