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Swagelok Allentown

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Cleanroom Fabricated Assemblies

UHP cleanroom fabricated assemblies

Cleanroom Fabricated Assemblies

Certain critical applications such as semiconductor chip fabrication and pharmaceutical manufacturing have extremely tight tolerances to critical process variables. Precise flow control, corrosive gases, and extreme temperatures can demand ultra-high purity (UHP) application standards throughout the manufacturing process for system and personnel safety, product quality, and to maintain compliance with strict government standards.

At Swagelok Allentown, we recently upgraded our cleanroom to a large ISO 5 cleanroom that incorporates two welding stations and an inspection/testing/packaging station for ultra-high purity, cleanroom fabricated assemblies and welds. The ISO 5 cleanroom controls dust, air pressure, humidity, temperature and brings the particle count to no more than 100 particles equal or greater than half a micron per cubic foot. This means we can handle greater demand and turn around your UHP components more quickly to keep your projects running on time, while still maintaining a cleanliness level that cannot be achieved in a typical shop environment. Your components and assemblies are created in a closed process from production to packaging.

UHP  Swagelok ALD7 Valves

Ultra-High Purity UHP Components

All of our welds and assemblies created in the cleanroom are done to the Swagelok® SC-01 Ultrahigh-purity (UHP) cleanliness standard for electropolished stainless steel or plastic products.  The components meet or exceed the ASTM standards for moisture analysis, hydrocarbon analysis, and ionic cleanliness. Our stainless steel products also meet packaging and identification requirements of SEMI E49.6

Diaphragm Valves – Designed to limit the potential for leaks with a packless design or welded seals.

Gauges – Swagelok pressure gauges for ultrahigh purity and clean dry air feature a Bourdon tube that monitors positive system pressure and vacuum conditions required in UHP environments.

Weld, VCR, Micro-Fit FittingsSwagelok weld fittings provide the strength and reliability required for UHP, specially cleaned, and industrial systems. Our VCR metal gasket face seal fittings (preferred in the semiconductor industry) are ideal for facilitating timely maintenance and leak-tight integrity in semiconductor high purity gas delivery systems. Swagelok Micro-Fit Fittings possess a compact design that is ideal within UHP systems that often have limited space. These fittings accommodate tubing systems that require close component spacing, while still delivering flow and service ratings equal to their larger weld fitting counterparts.


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